My Photography


Exhibition at the Landesmuseum

In early 2018 the Swiss National Museum in Zurich has been showing a selection of my MUSIC LEGENDS and JAZZ ICONS in an exhiibition celebrating 50 years of the Montreux Jazz Festival. More...

Pink Leg - Manhattan 2004

City Vibes - an ongoing project

With STREET ART and CITY REFLECTIONS I am trying to capture the vibes of the cities I am visiting. These two series are an ongoing project since 1995. The Gallery 94 in Baden (CH) has been showing my work in early 2017. More...

Schloss Lenzburg

Lenzburg Postcards

Since 2017 I am capturing what makes me feel home in LENZBURG, a small town close to Zurich. Its famous castle was on my list, of course. But also a mysterious passageway, and the dull railway station.  My goal is to catch a special moment for an attractive picture, worth a postcard. A new box with 12 postcards is just out now. More in German...

More albums & About my blog

Check PORTFOLIO for more albums on different topics. With my BLOG I am offering a special approach to my photographs. Sometimes it is an interesting story behind a series of pictures. Or it is about how I conceive photography. Occasionally I am trying to recall my state of mind while I was photographing, and to write about it. - You want to jump into my head