My Photography

NEW: Lenzburg 12 Postcards

A new series features LENZBURG, the place where I live near Zurich. My goal was to capture a special moment and mood with each picture. A box with 12 postcards has just been published. More...

Pink Leg - Manhattan 2004

City Vibes - an ongoing project

With STREET ART and CITY REFLECTIONS I am trying to capture the vibes of the cities I am visiting. These two series are an ongoing project since 1995. The Gallery 94 in Baden (CH) has been showing my work in early 2017. More...

Upcoming exhibition

The Swiss National Museum in Zurich (Landesmuseum) will show some of my MUSIC LEGENDS and JAZZ ICONS in an exhiibition celebrating 50 years of the Montreux Jazz Festival. Opening; 19th January 2018. More...

More albums & About my blog

Check PORTFOLIO for more albums on different topics. With my BLOG I am offering a special approach to my photographs. Sometimes it is an interesting story behind a series of pictures. Or it is about how I conceive photography. Occasionally I am trying to recall my state of mind while I was photographing, and to write about it. - You want to jump into my head