My Photography

The Gallery 94 in Baden (CH) has been showing my work in early 2017. The spacious place with loft ambient was perfect for my pictures. © René Rötheli for the slideshow photos.

"The pictures are out there
We just have to see them."

BEYOND MANHATTAN shows pictures I have found off the beaten tracks, after taking the NYC subway. Contemplating the images in CITY REFLECTIONS and STREET ART lets you penetrate under the surface of a photograph.

In JAZZ ICONS and FALL OF THE WALL I assemble early works that have become documents over the years. - All albums can be accessed via PORTFOLIO in the navigation bar.

With my BLOG I am offering a special approach to my photographs. Sometimes it is an interesting story behind a series of pictures. Or it is about how I conceive photography. Occasionally I am trying to recall my state of mind while I was photographing, and to write about it.